marantz tt-15S1

Experience the Power of Analog-- now playing at OkStereo ! $1500

This gorgeous turntable is made in Germany by Clearaudio. The AC servo belt drive and low-coloration tone arm produce a lively, 3-dimensional sound from old and new records.


Pioneer rt-701, 707, 909

Vintage Reel-to-Reel Tape Players, $700-1500

play copies of the original master tapes of your favorite albums



C3 Bookshelf Soeakers, $998 the Pair

Big sound from a small speaker! Another local company makes these, our best sounding bookshelf speakers.

The Classic Three has been NHT's best seller since they introduced it in 2005. The new C-3 carries on the tradition of their best bookshelf design providing a wide soundstage, excellent dispersion and detail typically found only in the most expensive designs. Moreover, the C-3 has bass response down to 40Hz, making a subwoofer optional instead of a necessity when listening to music.



Halo Series A23 Amp, $995, and P5 Preamp, $1095

Gorgeous sound, 125 watts per channel from the A23, and a multitasking preamp that includes a brilliant phono stage and wonderfully natural sounding Digital-to-Analog Converter, designed by John Curl, and produced by San Francisco's Parasound.